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What you need, when you need it

Where, when and how. Three questions that need fast and professional answers. Logistics is one of the keys to increase your company’s flexibility and adaptive capacity. At IMAN we have a specialized division to respond immediately to your needs, manage your auxiliary services and outsource industrial processes as: logistics platforms, warehouses, production lines and receptions. 

Our Solutions:

Food & Emptying of production lines, warehouse management, picking, cross-docking, loading & unloading, returns processing, classification, etc.
Selection & Temporary Employment
Chief Logistics Officer, warehouse & load/unload, forklift operators, handlers, order pickers, drivers, packers.
Specialized trainings in safety driving and handling of work equipment as forklifts, overhead cranes or lifting platforms.
Auxiliary Services
Aaccess controls, goods verification, inventory, files management, internal mail and supply control.

Comprehensive consultancy services, in-person and itinerant surveillance, self-protection plans, equipment installation and maintenance, inventory management, intelligent merchandise control, connection with Alarm Centre.
Specialized in industrial units & equipment, silos and deposits.