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Hotel Industry

Hotel industry

We work to keep your clients coming back

Our main priority is to create a memorable customer experience when visiting and staying at your hotel. At hotel industry business, there are lots of important things to consider and that’s why at IMAN we think that all of them must be taken into account in order to ensure customer satisfaction. 

 To achieve this goal, we offer a customized service managed and implemented by our professional team: their extensive experience in the hotel industry allow them to evaluate, advice and manage all your hotel resources to guarantee your customer’s satisfaction.

Our services differentiation point is our service

Room Service & Hotel Common Areas Management
We offer an innovative and specialized service according to market needs and demands. Our team is aware of your hotel regulations and protect your company’s image and reputation. 
We have a professional team who provide its methodology, techniques and experience to offer you R&D consultancy services, elaborate Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Cleaning & Disinfection plans, Food & Water analysis laboratory, etc.
Receptionists with language skills, customer service, baggage, drivers (with or without vehicle), installation monitoring and maintenance, supply and access control, event coordination, conventions, hostess, file management and lifeguards.
Consultancy, Security plan design as a critical infrastructure, safety of goods and properties, bodyguards, Food Defense, system engineering and connection with Alarm Centre.
Selection / Temporary Employment
Head chefs, cookers, waiters, bartenders, receptionists, janitors and assistants. .

Why work with us?

Variable billing according to occupancy rate
Self-demanding. Our staff pay special attention to details with the objective of offering an excellent customer service and guarantee their satisfaction. 
Qualified staff. Standardized uniform, trainings and action protocols adapted to each hotel. 
Customized trainings. Our team is aware of your hotel regulations and protect your company’s image and reputation. As well, in our eagerness to reach an excellent service culture, our staff attend to a customer service and rules of courtesy training program.
Specialized operations team. We have a specialized operations team in the hotel industry that enables us to provide high quality services. 
Emergency team. Professionals available 24 hours, 365 days a year to respond to incidents.