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More cleanliness, more profitability for your business

A clean environment is always a comfortable and a safe environment and our experience in general, industrial and maintenance cleaning in different sectors (food, chemical, pharma, automotive, logistics and retail) has confirmed it. For this reason, at IMAN Cleaning we guarantee a quality service as well as flexibility and precision to meet your challenging company needs.
Our quality commitment is not only with our work processes, but also with environmental policies. Therefore, we integrate advanced technology and methods in order to reduce pollution emissions. At IMAN Cleaning we believe that the key to make our client’s projects profitable, is to provide a perfect combination between a quality policy, qualified professionals and state-of-the-art machinery

Services we offer:

Cleaning of:
Care homes, production facilities, industrial machinery, clean rooms, silos and warehouses, offices and stores, construction sites, windows, roofs and any kind of upholstery.
Polish and floor treatments.
Carpets cleaning and disinfection.
Pest controls and legionella bacterium treatment.