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A meeting point between talent, innovation and enterprises

IMANcorp Foundation is the result of the IMAN Group’s experience and its concern for developing new methods, ideas, initiatives and plans that drive added-value projects. Under this premise, IMANcorp Foundation supports and promotes initiatives that help to drive creativity and talent in industry, where it fosters research and innovation as engines for generating employment.
To achieve our goal, we speak with, listen to and work side by side with training centres, universities and enterprises of various sectors, thereby bringing entities closer to each other.

We are committed to four cornerstones:

Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation
Innovation must be a two-way conversation, which is why we create an environment that promotes the development of technological ideas, trends, tools and initiatives that provide solutions to the market’s real needs. We have therefore implemented a specialized Mentoring Program where, depending on the maturity of a project, we support entrepreneurs in the process of setting up, starting up, growing and developing their projects.
We work in various fields and share our knowledge with professionals, enterprises and teachers in order to establish relationships with entities that are working towards the same goal, thereby reflecting the trends of the labour market and transferring them to the global market by producing specialized reports. Through forums, at business encounters and in universities, we seek to disseminate advances and changes that will represent a challenge for upcoming generations.
Awareness-raising on the use of new technologies
The digital era and the emergence of new Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) have represented a revolution in how we interact and relate. We therefore incentivize the proper use of modern and disruptive technologies for the purpose of increasing the value and talent of people. How? By creating common ground between entities and professionals, in collaboration with other foundations and with the participation of respected speakers, whereby we can transfer our know-how and talk about how to correctly use these technologies.
Promotion of technological innovations
Knowledge is the greatest source of prosperity and development for an enterprise. Therefore, through “Innovation to Succeed” (I2S), we reward business projects that promote business excellence with respect to raising awareness about, using and adapting to technology that responds to the demands that the future holds in store for us. Our objective is to create a model that allows driving people and businesses to take on new challenges.
IMANcorp Foundation is registered in the Foundation’s Register “Generalitat of Catalunya” by Nº 2931.