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A meeting point for talent, innovation and companies

IMANcorp Foundation is the result of years of IMAN group experience and its concern in developing new methods, ideas and plans to promote projects with value-added. IMANcorp Foundation supports and drives initiatives that promote innovation and talent in companies.
In order to achieve our goal, we talk, listen and work together with training centers, universities and companies from different sectors.

Our 3 pillars:

Practical training
Knowledge is the largest source of prosperity and development in a company. We work in different fields and we share our knowledge with professionals, companies and professors. How do we do it? Establishing relationships with organizations that work for the same purpose and collecting labor market trends and transfer them to training centers.
In relation to this, we promote the creation of a Collaborative Dual Professional Training project in Spain with the aim of developing an innovative educational model based on a method that combines theoretical training in study centers, with practical training at different companies and the participation of personnel selection and temporary employment intermediary companies. We believe that bringing reality closer to theory is working efficiently to find solutions to meet needs.
Talent attraction & retention
Our commitment to knowledge, teaching, training and above all, people, lead us to promote ideas, trends, tools and initiatives to help companies to attract and retain talent.
Know how we share in forums, business meetings, human resources departments, universities, training centers and in each of our projects.
Innovation and entrepreneurship culture 
 Innovation is an important global issue and, for this reason, we have created a business environment with many organizations to boost this new cultural paradigm through conversations and agreements. We connect with national and international universities, institutions and organizations to analyze together demands and progresses in science and technology and how do they will impact in our near future. 

Our main goal is to work collaboratively and to create an innovative open model focused on cooperation between professionals and organizations. A collective model that allows people and companies development. Visit our website and learn more about our Innovation Program: i2s.imancorpfoundation.org
IMANcorp Foundation is registered in the Foundation’s Register “Generalitat of Catalunya” by Nº 2931.